About Us

Main source of fear and distance with respect to medical and dental interventions on our inviolate personality – it’s pain. Paradoxically, it is precisely the main culprit to undergo these seemingly horrific manipulations.

Painless dentistry at Dentiko

We in the dental clinic “Dentiko” understand this. To us, neglecting this most powerful defense mechanism of the human body is a sign of weak medical culture and low professionalism. The main direction of our philosophy of work is Painless Dentistry.

Teamwork is another key aim our practice. We believe that the total capacity of all members of the team is behind the correct diagnosis, proper treatment and high standard of work. We believe that patients should be part of this team, to achieve a successful and quality dental care.

Each patient is treated individually by a highly qualified staff, always with a smile , and this creates a very pleasant working atmosphere.

In our practice, we follow the latest trends and methods of work. We pay special attention to technological innovation, designed to improve Your comfort and the quality of our work.

All team members strive for continuous improvement and training through regular attendance of practical courses, seminars and lectures of eminent in the field of specialty speakers.

We work only with high quality materials with proven physical-chemical, biological and aesthetic qualities.

The team is fluent in Russian and English.

The clinic is open from 8:00 to 20:00 every weekday. Saturday and Sunday are days off.

The clinic has its own X-ray.

Working with laboratory next door. This ensures a constant collaboration with MDT and optimum comfort for fast and accurate development of prosthetic appliances. The patient comes in and leaves with a smile full of teeth.