The Clinic

Currently, dental clinic “Dentiko” is located in the building “Dom Mladost” on Slivnitsa blvd. – well known place for the residents of the city.
Dom Mladost

There are dental offices at Dom Mladost since its construction in 1986. Dr. Ognian Smoukov DDS, director and chief physician at the clinic began working here in 1994 and over the years created a successful and extensive practice. Under his leadership employs three doctors and two nurses.

Dental offices at Dom Mladost

The clinic has 3 fully equipped dental offices, reception, an X-ray and sterilization room. Convenience is the big parking of the building.

Dental laboratory with which we work, is next. This gives us tremendous flexibility in making designs and constant consultation with experts in the field of dentistry.

Offices at Dom Mladost

Constant pursuit of more and better service to bring the natural next step in our professional development. The new “Dentiko” clinic will be located on the Han Kubrat 2. Right across the Mall of Varna. Currently rough construction is completed and it looks something like this:
The construction site of the new clinic

Cross your fingers to fight with the builders and next year we can invite you into an entirely new and modern clinic.