Dentiko at Squill – 43rd Daycare Center in Varna

One of our most recent visits was at Squill Daycare Center in Varna. Special thanks to Dr. Mani Krasimirova and our friends at Party Jack without whom this visit wouldn’t have happened.

Here are some photos from the event:

Dentiko visited Swallow Daycare Center again this Spring!

On March 20, 2015 we visited the kids at Swallow Daycare Center again. Here are some pictures from the event:

At Swallow Daycare Center again

In the end of November we were invited to Swallow Daycare Center for a second subsequent year. We had a wonderful time with the successors of our last year’s fans. Thanks to our friends at Elgydium, our gifts were way more colorful now than in any other year.

Two weeks later we visited the kids again, this time to examine them and determine their dental status. They had prepared a wonderful Christmas show to welcome us, and the daycare principal surprised us with a thank you letter. We’re thankful, too!

“Dentiko” in the “Kids Small Town”


“Dentiko” in kindergartens

In October and November we visited kindergartens “Squill” and “Swallow”.

We told the children about the Karius and Baktus, explained to them the importance of not allowing these two young men to tinker, drill, hammer and burst into teeth. We told them about various pastes and brushes and explained how and how often to brush teeth.

The meeting was all games and gifts, so the kids had a truly good time. It was great for us too.

After written consent from each parent, we visited the nursery for the second time – now officially equipped with masks, gloves and more gifts. Each child passed an exam to establish the general state of dentition. They received cards with our logo and details.

However, we were pleasantly surprised by the overall health culture, even the smallest, we found a significant number of children with extremely neglected dentition.

Children with large cavities, even in the visible area of the smile. Numerous children had their baby teeth removed, even a few children who did not have a toothbrush. This motivates us to continue with the initiative in full throttle.

If you would like us to visit your nursery, or have any other bright ideas that will lead to the improvement of children’s oral hygiene, contact us boldly.