Oral Hygiene and Prophylaxis

Maintenance of oral hygiene is a fundamental basis in dentistry. A healthy mouth means a healthy body. Read More »

Pediatric Dentistry

In "Dentiko" clinic we emphasize child preventive dentistry. Good oral health is a result of the prevention of cavities and their complications. Read More »


Therapeutic dentistry represents the treatment of dental caries and its complications. This includes treatment of caries, pulpitis, necrosis, cyst and periodontitis. Read More »

Oral Surgery

Oral surgery is an exceptionally complex matter that requires years of specialization and practice. At Dentiko we deal with minor surgical procedures on a daily basis. Read More »


Dental implants are amongst other options for recovery like crowns, bridges and dentures, but one one their quality puts them on a different level of efficiency. Read More »

Removable Prosthesis

A removable prosthesis is an easy, fast and relatively affordable method for the recovery of all defect sizes. In this sense, prostheses are of two main types - total and partial. Read More »

Non-Removable Prosthesis

Fixed prosthodontics in dentistry is a technique used to restore teeth, using fixed (that is, permanently attached) restorations, which include crowns and bridges. Read More »

Aesthetic Dentistry

If you want to change the way your smile looks, we're there to tell you more about the advantages of today's aesthetic dentistry. Read More »