Aesthetic Dentistry

Aesthetic smile at Dentiko

Sense of aesthetics is specific and personal. If you want to change something in your smile, we offer advanced whitening procedures, highly aesthetic ceramic restorations and nano-photocomposite fillings and restorations. Tell us about the desired final result and we will tell you about the possibilities of today’s cosmetic dentistry. We can prepare a treatment plan, a consultation to direct you to a good orthodontist, or just to give a second opinion in a difficult case.

Ceramic Veneers and Crowns

The fastest and most effective way to change your smile is the placement of ceramic veneers and crowns. Read more »


With bonding we correct minor imperfections and fractures of teeth . This involves the use of highly aesthetic photocomposite materials. Read more »


Your smile is the first thing people notice and impression of it remains for a long time. Make It count. Read more »

Dental Jewelry

In case you want to give your smile a playful and youthful appearance, tooth jewels are original and effective choice. Read more »