Oral Hygiene and Prophylaxis

Oral hygiene

Maintenance of oral hygiene is a fundamental basis in dentistry. A healthy mouth means a healthy body. Our goal is to help you achieve and keep a high level of oral health. With attention and cooperation on your part, this goal is easily attainable. Frequent visits (twice a year) will inevitably lead to healthy gums, clean teeth and fresh breath.


Oral prophylaxis


Did you know that 30% of people suffer from chronic manifestation of bad breath, and that the remaining 70% will inevitably feel it at every meeting. In about 80% of cases, the cause of bad breath are gases produced by bacteria that live in plaque and tartar and are a major cause of gingivitis and periodontitis.

Major source of bad breath can be:

Oral hygiene and prophylaxis at Dentiko

  • Poor oral hygiene
  • Gingivitis and Periodontitis
  • Poorly fitting crowns, bridges badly calculated
  • Cracked, high sticking fillings
  • Poorly cleaned dentures
  • Orthodontic anomalies, leading to poor oral hygiene
  • Other causes, such as diet, smoking.

Do not let bad breath spoil the impression of your presence. Contact us and we will solve the problem together.