Oral Surgery

Oral surgery at Dentiko

Oral surgery is a very complex subject, requiring years of expertise and experience. In “Dentiko”, we deal daily with minor surgical procedures.

Here are some of them:

  • extraction of teeth and tooth roots;
  • extraction of impacted and semi-impacted teeth, including wisdom teeth;
  • extraction of a fractured fragment of a tooth;
  • revision of a wound, cessation of a local bleeding, drainage, suture;
  • incision of an abscess;
  • apical osteotomy (apicoectomy) of a tooth;
  • cystectomy;
  • Hemisection;
  • Frenulotomy;
  • gingivoplastics and alveololastics;
  • local plastic for closing communication with the sinus;
  • guided bone – tissue regeneration;
  • implantology.

In severe cases requiring sterile hospital setting, general anesthesia and specially trained personnel, we prefer to refer you to experts in this field.