Removable Prosthesis

Removable prosthesis at Dentiko

A removable prosthesis is an easy, fast and relatively affordable method for the recovery of all defect sizes. In this sense, prostheses are of two main types – total and partial. It takes about 2 weeks to produce a prosthesis. At that time will see each other quite often for different samples and measurements, needed for the process.

Prostheses are made from different types of plastic. Standard acrylic or plastic until recently was the main choice for cheap reconstruction of large defects. Their main drawbacks are the lack of any elasticity (formation of sores and abrasions), increasing the number of allergy to various ingredients, difficult retention, especially in the lower jaw, the use of unsightly (metal) elements to keep the prosthesis fixed to any existing natural teeth. However acrylic dentures have imposed on the market as popular products, mainly because of their low price and relatively satisfactory aesthetic and functional qualities.

Partial dental prosthesis

In 1950 in the global dental technology enters Valplast. This is a highly elastic prosthesis, suitable to recover partial or unilateral defects. It‘s made of biocompatible nylon thermoplastic resin. The process of manufacturing has evolved over the years, various components have been added or removed.

Today, one of the leading companies in the production of plastics, Bredent, offers a range of materials with different characteristics, meeting the requirements of even the most discerning and demanding patients and doctors. We work with a laboratory that covers the whole production line of the manufacturer.