Therapeutic dentistry represents the treatment of dental caries and its complications. This includes treatment of caries, pulpitis, necrosis, cyst and periodontitis.

When do you need a root canal treatment?

Therapy at Dentiko Dental Clinic

If decay stays in your mouth for too long, it will sooner or later reach the pulp (nerve) of the tooth, and will infect it. In most cases, this is accompanied by pain, but not always. The treatment here is extirpation of the pulp from both the crown and of the roots of the tooth.It Is a mechanical and chemical treatment of the roots. When the infection is recent, in most cases, sealing the root canal of the tooth is carried out in two sessions. However, if the process is advanced, there are often gangrene cyst periodontitis. They are treated much more difficult, and sometimes it is impossible. Can lead to loss of the tooth.

Does it hurt?

Today, this treatment can be absolutely painless, thanks to modern highly refined techniques of anesthesia.